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How To Save On Your Beach Vacation

It is summertime, and beach vacations are the best way to get away, relax, and enjoy the sunny weather. The summer months can be extremely hot, so it is nice to be able to go to the beach where you can take a dip in the ocean when you need to cool down. Additionally, there are a lot of great activities for you and your family to do at the beach. You can take part in a beach volleyball game, play mini golf at a local course, rent out some jet skis, or build a sand castle. While beach vacations are nice, they can also be pretty expensive if you are not careful. There are, however, plenty of ways to save money when you go to the beach. Below are some great money saving tips from us. On your next vacation, save money with cheapbeachvacations.org.


Save On Accommodations By Going Camping

A hotel can be really expensive, and it is definitely one of the bigger expenses associated with a beach vacation. While it may be nice to stay in a luxurious hotel on the boardwalk or a nice oceanfront hotel, those can be rather expensive options. Going camping can be a great experience for your family’s beach vacation. You can get away from all of the technology and noise and spend some good quality time together. The best part about camping is that it is dirt cheap! As long as you have some sleeping bags and a couple of tents, you will save so much money by camping at the beach. If your family is not up for camping, then another great way to save on accommodations is to split the cost of a modest beach house rental with another family.


Find Some Free Or Cheap Activities

Some activities at the beach can be on the more expensive side, but there are plenty of activities that are free or extremely cheap. The best way to enjoy a budget-friendly beach vacation is to enjoy sports and other activities right there on the beach. Your family could have a sand castle competition, play a game of beach volleyball, or bring out some lawn games. All of these activities are not only fun, but they are also great money savers.


Cook You Own Food To Save A Lot

Another big expense during beach vacations is food and beverages. The costs of eating out can go up really quickly if you are doing it for every meal. Rather than eating out for every meal on every single day, choose one big meal to splurge on. For the rest of your meals you can find really cheap options or cook your own food. This will make that one meal a lot more special and allow you to save more money overall.


Ocean City Maryland Travel Tips

You’ve got a new swimsuit. The bags are packed. And the zinc oxide is smeared on your nose. You’re ready for the beach. But sometimes a trip in the fun and sun can cost you big bucks. Before you pack up and get ready to hit the road traveling to Ocean City Maryland, here are some tips to save cash along the way.

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Plan in advance and remember that peak weekends are going to be more expensive if you’re renting a home-away-from-home. Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day all hit during the vacation season, and you’ll likely get a bit agitated when you see how much you’re paying for a beach rental compared to a non-holiday period.
Try to rent a condo directly from the homeowner. Chances are you know someone who knows someone with a place on or near the beach. If you don’t have that person in your arsenal, there are several resources online that will hook you up directly with an owner looking to rent their space.
Meals can take a big bite out of your family’s budget. Search for restaurants online before you leave and get an idea of what it’ll cost. If it’s too steep for your budget, go to the grocery store after you’ve arrived in town and stock the fridge. Bring drinks, snacks and other non-perishable items from home and save on a potential markup at nearby grocery stores. That can also be said about snacks in the car. Gas stations will charge much more for the things you can stock up on before hitting the road.
If you are driving and have the room, pack some toys too. Rental items or things found in the gift shop or convenience store near your destination always cost more than a quick trip to the retailer at home.

Travel with others. Many times you’ll find a rental property that will provide more than enough room for multiple families. Not only will that save you in the rental fees, but if there’s space in the car, you can save money on gas and food too.
Smartphone apps like Groupon and Social Living offer significant savings. Both apps offer deals and discounts on attractions in many places; you just have to do your homework. If you’re driving, use the Gas Buddy app. It’ll find the cheapest place in the area to fill your tank. In some cases you may have to drive off the beaten path, so choose wisely.
Enjoy your trip and safe travels.